Idea Seeding :: Ensemencements d’idées

Ensemencements d’idées :: Idea Seeding

Dans un esprit de permaculture élargie, la Ferme au Sauvage initie une série régulière d’activations, “Ensemencements d’idées”, afin de contribuer au renouvellement de nos écosystèmes créatifs. 

In a spirit of expanded permaculture, Ferme au Sauvage hosts activations contributing to the renewal of our creative ecosystems. Well, that was the idea. We hosted one, and then had many plans for more. Then changes occurred and now, what ideas are possible to seed? Mid-pandemic, post-pandemic, pre-next-pandemic?

Crafting Futures with Foresta Collective – SP21

We participated in the Crafting Futures Trail of Foresta Collective this spring. This activation merged the poetic and the practical of seeding ideas, growing, preparing, eating radishes and pruning like the wind. Foresta Seasonal Academy is dedicated to sensing, articulating and caring for visions and intentions of making, rooted in embodied and embedded awareness, ecological imagination and hands-on practices with vibrant matter.

The first Idea Seeding gathering took place in 2019. We are working on the 2021 season. Contact us to propose an activation.

Pour lancer la série, nous vous invitons à une conversation avec Christine Laurent, auteure et jardinière, autour de son livre Mon jardin sans pétrole, récemment paru aux éditions du Seuil. Cette rencontre est organisée en collaboration avec l’association Paysages nourriciers et Reporterre. La conversation sera suivie d’une signature du livre par l’auteure. 

To launch the series, we invited Christine Laurent, author and gardener, to share her book My Garden Without Oil, published by Editions du Seuil. Co-organized in collaboration with the Association Paysages Nourriciers and Reporterre. The conversation will be followed by a book signing by the author.

Mercredi 5 juin à 18h30 :: Wednesday June 8 at 6:30pm

“Vers un jardin sans pétrole ?” :: “Towards a garden without oil?”

À l’atelier-boutique de la Ferme au Sauvage*